Hi everyone my name’s Ben, the creator of the Realiser Blog.  I am not great in front of a camera, clearly (check out my Instagram for proof).  It’s just me working on Realiser, and occasionally some close friends give me great ideas etc.  I am working on the camera thing too.  

About Realiser then.  Realiser is an idea, a blog, a helpful guide in to the world of spirituality, and specifically, Spiritual London.  Also it is a place people can go to for help and links to other people on the spiritual path.  

At 37 I realised (hence Realiser) that on my deathbed I won’t regret the amount of time I spent being kind to people, or helping people that need it.  Likewise telling people how I found my ‘freedom and how they might be able to do it too.  I would regret however the amount of time I spend being a slave to the corporate, consumerist, ‘I need more’, world that society sadly bases itself around. 

Every Vision Realised

For me, Realiser is my metaphorical branches reaching as far as they can to those who need help.  Spiritualism, environmentalism, veganism, animal liberation, being kind to those who need help.  All being close to my heart.  I have so many visions I want to be realised.  Animal liberation, an end to homelessness, a spiritual revolution rather than a political one.  Every Vision Realised is what I call it (hence www.EVR.uk) and I shorten this to Realiser.  Plus it’s short and snappy and I want you guys to remember it! 

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Be Kind

We hope that people will follow my lead and be kind to each other.

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