Obviously, I’m Vegan.  Not always, but for a good while now.  Protein deficiency still hasn’t kicked in (standard vegan joke).  When it comes to animal liberation, it was a big realisation for me that I had been so detached from the suffering I was causing by eating animal products.  So thanks big business for keeping me in the dark with your ‘free range, happy cow, humane’ propaganda rubbish, all of which is bollocks.  Is this coming as a bit of a shock to you?  Or you might think I’m just wrong, or perhaps lying (or one of those pushy vegans)? I’m going to say that you are me, or at least where I was 18 months or so a go. 


Realising that the burger on your plate involved more suffering than you are comfortable with, is the start.  If only you are willing to look in to it.  It is a tough pill to swallow at the start I grant you.  We all consider ourselves good people, we pay our bills, don’t steal from others, etc.  Yet every single day we contribute to levels of suffering you would never say is ok.  Again, if only you knew about it.  

Activists and animal liberation protesters sometimes say that animals don’t have a voice, and that their actions are for those without a voice.  I would disagree with this a tad.  They do have a voice – go and stand outside a slaughter house and listen to them scream in terror and pain as they are gassed and boiled from the inside out.  That’s the voice, that’s them, telling you to stop.  Buuttt, we chose not to.  We hide this behind sheet steel and brick walls.  What if slaughter houses had windows…….


The reason I have time for those yet to realise this is simply because I was once them.  They are a reflection of some of the worst in me.  I do truly believe that we will look back on ourselves and find it tough to believe that we ate animals.  Similarly, that we did so long after we had progressed to the point where there was no need.  Profit, big business, lack of education, ‘I just couldn’t live without cheese’, all the above… all nonsense.  I honestly can’t wait for the day that they discover that eating animal products causes some of societies worst illnesses and diseases, then we can put to bed the suffering of all species.

Are you the kind of person who listens to both side of an argument, or just sticks with what they think is right?  If you’re the latter there are other articles here that can help you.  If you’re the first then all you need do is watch Land of Hope and Glory or Earthlings or Cowspiracy.  If you can watch all the way through and feel emotion then congrats, you have the ability to help in animal liberation.  Once you have seen it, you know.  If you want to help you can contact me here.

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