The biggest animal rights march I’ve been involved in, the biggest event of the year.  I was there with friends, some of which I knew, many thousands I had never met.  And that’s the thing, when people come together in peace for a cause they all believe in, everyone gets on.  There wasn’t one person there I didn’t think I couldn’t talk to, or hug, or have a photo with.  I have a thing for being surrounded with people who I know think like me, who are good people, who want nothing more than a better world.  I was in the right place.


Ed Winters, Joey Carbstrong, two of the main people in the world of veganism (and with good reason) lead the march.  Both of which are more inspirational than any politician I have ever seen by the way.  12,000 vegans all there to raise awareness, to let the world know that there is another way.  I am wondering how many readers have marched for something you believe in to your core?  If you have, you know what I felt on the day, if you haven’t, give it a go.  Non-violent direct action or civil disobedience gives you an adrenaline kick and a sense of right that I personally don’t feel very often.  It’s a ‘having a sick day when you’re not sick but need a lye in’ kind of feeling.  In this case it’s the right thing to do and you gain inner peace from it! 


We marched down to Parliament Square on the streets past the shops, cafe’s, restaurants, take aways.  Almost all serving animal products in one way or another.  The faces on the people inside was a picture in itself.  Smoke signals, singing, placards, signs, fancy dress, all the things you expect to see at a demonstration but with one important addition…. we had right on our side.  Or is that the consciousness trap?  We believe in our hearts that we are right so we take control and become a controlling force displacing those before us?  Many movements believe they are right and that their way is righteous.  We must be careful to consider that although our intentions are the most honourable, no change for good can come from an intention to harm. 

“The police form a cordon to protect McDonalds, big business supported by our government”


If you are interested in being part of an animal rights march or any form of activism use the contact form here to be put in touch with people who can guide you (mostly based in London).