By Ben.

You might have arrived here from Instagram.  Or by searching Google for ‘blogging’.  But this is a spiritual blog website, so what’s the deal @blogging?

Well, us spiritual folk use Instagram too.   I’m what you’d call an old school Instagrammer.  Long before Instagram was a sales platform and the term ‘influencer’ had been thought up, I was putting up photos of my dinner.  Until I realised I didn’t want to do that anymore.

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Whatever your passion in life may be, you’re going to want to try to develop it in some way.  These days that often means having a social media presence.  @blogging may not directly be a ‘spiritual term’ and you won’t find it written down anywhere in the Upanishads (spiritual Hindu texts).  But, I do write a blog.  Welcome!  Keep reading, you might learn some stuff.

Step into the fire of self-discovery. It will not burn you, it will only burn, what you are not.


1. Why Use @blogging

For Spiritual Stuff? 

For the same reason you use your account/username for the stuff that you like, fairly straightforward really.  Most people think that I should create some kind of blogging platform with resources for all bloggers to visit.  And whilst that is a good idea it’s not what resonated with me.

Having a cool Instagram name gives you more traffic that the average Joe.  In my case, anyone that types in ‘blogging’ in to the Instagram search bar ends up seeing my account on the list.  Usually the top, if not it’s in the top few.  This is very handy to get people to read my blogs, like you are now.  

I believe that spirituality brings people together.  It teaches us that the differences in the  ‘space suits’ we wear for the life we are given are insignificant and that we are all one.  So with that in mind, I’m using the @blogging username to tell people that by way of my blog. 

Perhaps you are seeing already how from an interest in blogging you are now reading about spirituality?  Spiritual blogging is a passion of mine and if a cool username helps me point people towards some text or a picture that may help them, then job done.  

2. What Should I Use

@Blogging For? 

Most people, me included, would like to make a living from their passion.  How much easier is life when you’re doing something you love?  That’s why there are ads on the blog, hopefully they make a small income.  Similarly, that’s why I’m using @blogging, to get you here in the first place.  To be honest I’d do this without getting paid but it’s nice to earn a small amount each month.  

If you have any cool ideas about how to make the most of @blogging please pop a comment in the box at the bottom of the blog!  The ads like the one below are (with any luck) designed to fit in with the spiritual theme of Realiser, every time someone clicks one I make a couple of pennies (you know how ads work).

3. Is Instagram Suitable

For Spirituality? 

Sure, why not?  For every walk of life, every interest or hobby, every art and every area of the globe, there is a page on Instagram.  One of its best qualities is its diversity, just like spirituality.  Spirituality (not religion) does not have only certain members, certain faiths, classes, ages or colours.  With that in mind there is certainly space for spirituality on social media, Instagram included.  

Rather than using Instagram to compare yourself to the latest impossible fitness trends or makeup models, picture it as a library of information.  An almost endless one at that.  Social media has its evils but it can also be used for good, which is what @blogging is all about.  My goal is to use social media just like my life, to bring people together and share a message of togetherness.

We’re all just walking each other home.

Ram Dass

3. A Platform of 500

Million People 

That’s how big Instagram is!  And that number grows year on year.  So that’s the crux of it really.  This blog is about spreading a message of oneness, peace, love, and to be able to reach just some of those people via @blogging makes every kind of sense.  I personally have discovered some of the most influential people in my spiritual journey on Instagram.  Let’s hope this blog can do the same. 


Realiser was born from a dream to be in a realised state, a state of awaken.  To be able to see the most obvious things having missed them for so many years.  Subsequently I wanted to create something to serve as an example of how it could be.  If only we might spend the time loving that we spend hating.  Above all spending the time to be kind to others for no reason.  You get the idea.  I hope you enjoyed the blog on @blogging on Instagram.  I will travel around doing what I can and would love for you to join me.  Follow my path here…