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I’m usually pottering around London.  Send me a message if you would like to meet up to help people or check out what Realiser is all about.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Any other questions please ask!

Is this a religious site?

I’m not religious myself, not in the traditional sense anyway.  I think that spirituality is different to religion. I believe the main difference is that religion tends to tell you it knows, whereas spirituality is about exploring it for yourself and realising you may never understand. In my case I realise I may never know, but try to see past my own beliefs.

Why do you help people?

Well that’s a no brainer really.  Why do you help people?

How can I get involved?

Fill out the contact form above this and let me know if you do want to get involved.  I am always looking for good people to do good things with and expand the blogs I write.  If you have particular skills that might help in content creation that is a bonus.

Why are there ads on your site?

Ads are one way that I try to fund Realiser, PayPal donations are another way.  It might seem contradictory because some of what is talked about here is about getting away from corporate life and Google is a huge corporation!  I use Google Adsense to display ads that are (with any luck) of some interest and fit in with my message of spirituality and freedom.  Machine learning isn’t perfect and so this might not be the case 100% of the time, but I keep an eye on this.  The ads are not meant to be too intrusive and kept to a minimum.  If you would like to advertise on this site please get in touch above.

Where do you spend most of your time?

Well I live in London so spent a lot of time here.  I have family and friends all over the place including the north west of England so i’m there a bit too.  The plan is to travel everywhere though! 

How can I help?

Social media is a great place to start to be honest.  Giving Realiser a follow and a like and sharing out posts will help it grow.  After that if you would like to donate to the work you can do via PayPal

Why Paypal?

Realiser appreciates the support from good people like you.  All donations will really help me do those things I set out to do and keep the blog going.  Donating a little bit every month goes a long way.