By Ben

Divi posts loading old layouts was an issue I had for a while, it seemed to happen randomly.  I couldn’t figure out why.  When I was building a blog post it would look normal in the builder, but when I posted it it would return to the default settings and look different. 

Here’s a tip!

Know How


Follow these steps from your WordPress Dashboard: 

DIVI (or ‘EXTRA’ if you’re using the Extra Theme like me) in your Dashboard, it’s usually near the bottom on the left ⇢

Theme Options ⇢

Builder ⇢

Advanced ⇢

Press ‘Clear’ Button ⇢

Now deactivate CSS File Generation here.

(Static CSS File Generation is used to increase page loading speeds but can sometimes cause Divi posts loading old layouts, causing trouble.  Once you have finished designing your post or page you can reactivate it). 


If you’re using a Cache plugin clear (purge) the cache and then try again. 


Do a hard refresh of the page or post you have issues with, on Mac this is Command + R.  On Windows this is CTRL + F5. 

This should stop Divi posts loading old layouts, same goes or Pages too.

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Divi WordPress Theme


Realiser was born from a dream to be in a realised state, a state of awaken.  To be able to see the most obvious things having missed them for so many years.  Subsequently I wanted to create something to serve as an example of how it could be.  If only we might spend the time loving that we spend hating.  Above all spending the time to be kind to others for no reason.  You get the idea.  Hopefully this post on Divi posts loading old layouts was helpful!  I will travel around doing what I can and would love for you to join me.  Follow my path here…