I have come a long way, but then again not all that far.  For the longest time I didn’t really know what I wanted to do.  My youth was spent working behind bars, failing A-Levels in subjects I wasn’t really interested in, working in gyms and eventually on to teaching.  My parents must have thought “this kid hasn’t got a clue….”, and we both knew it.  After a year to two teaching I joined the police service and spent the next 10 years serving the people (or so I thought).  Rising to the dizzying heights of the rank of Sergeant as I went.  The thought of being ‘free at last’ was further away than I could know. 

Now my largely anti-establishment minds view (because it limits the mind in to following a social construct that we have created) can’t quite believe that I was once part of it to that extent.  I often look back at my brothers and sisters the are still apart of the regime. I see an institutionalised group of good people dependent on a future they are promised by a government.  A government that has changed these boundaries already, but yet they stay out of fear disguised as practicality.  

Don’t get me wrong I am glad I joined the police service, in the same way I am glad I left.  I leant about life and death, suffering and good will.  I can look back at it now with a sense of experience and knowing that it is not where my happiness lies. 

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Personally I do not believe that social constructs, any social ideas or creations, that take away from the even distribution of the resources of this planet is a good thing.  I believe the police service has become something it should never have been.  A tool to enforce the political ideals of whichever particular party sits in office, and more commonly these days a puppet of the corporate hierarchy.  I always try to promote this on social media.

Awareness is all, realisation is all we need.  The realisation that we view the world via our senses, senses that are limited.  Beyond all that is a further understanding of existence.  Our eyes don’t see infra-red light, our dogs’ noses smell things we cannot hope too, our ears only hear a very limited frequency of sounds.  We must realise that outside these senses is an understanding we do not have.  Once we have realised this then we open ourselves up to a universe of new possibilities.  We all want to be ‘Free at Last’, but some more than others see what that freedom is. 

“A past life, with lessons learnt.  Now, I realise”


I feel a sense of freedom these days that I think I always knew I was missing.  It worried me for a while to be honest, seeing things as I now do.  It was easy to think that because there is something more to the universe, that death is not the end of existence, that nothing is really worth it.  If we all ‘die’ then nothing really matters anyway.  It took me a while to get my head around this feeling, then I heard Russel Brand (of all people) talk about individuality and being ‘one’ with the universe are separate states.  Both can be present but as long as I understand that this ‘me’ is temporary, that’s ok.  All part of being… free at last. 

To be free at last you must realise your individuality; your shoes, shirts, watch, mobile phone, car, house, sense of humour, whatever else you think makes up your individuality, is only temporary.  Your atoms will one day break down and dust away, like every other person who has ever lived, but beyond this is your spirituality.