By Ben.

OK, when you are trying to figure out how to connect to your soul there is good news!  You are the soul, you have just lost sight of that.  We often call our spirituality a journey, like we must travel somewhere other than where we are.  The truth is, you are not the mind, nor the body, you simply identify with those things too much.  

To connect to your soul you need to disconnect from all the things that distract you from what you really are.  Your connection to your true self, the soul, has been lost through life and its many distractions pulling you in different directions.

It’s likely you will already know some common truths like ‘You are not the job you do, or the clothes you wear.  Or ‘You are not the car you drive or the amount of money you have‘.  These are all true and people will often agree on this, the next step after surrendering to this however is the connecting with the soul.  Here are the first steps to take:

a woman sitting cross legged meditating


Focussing on the breath, watching the mind as it wanders, reciting a mantra.  There are many types of meditation that will serve you in connection to your soul.  Commonly the mind is cluttered with ‘life stuff’ and does a good job of taking your focus away from your heart space.  “Did I do that thing?  I need to go there!  Why is that the way it is?”.  Your mind therefore can be full and cluttered with ego matters.  Meditation is a proven way to help you see past this and reach a place beyond it. 

Your soul in an inward state, you must love yourself before you love anything else.  The same goes for consciousness and meaning, so become the most conscious being you can through your meditation.  To say that the meaning of life is love, is to explore the being you really are and realise your true, higher self.  Learning how to meditate, in my experience, is a key first step on the road to connection with your soul.  

 Practice Gratitude

Life is a gift, and this moment is a gift.  We are all guilty though from time to time of losing sight of this but as long as we come back to gratitude we’re still on the right track.  Start with something simple, being grateful for the roof over your head for example.  Not everyone has one.  Be grateful for being able to read this article, not everyone has a mobile phone or computer to be able do so.  Be grateful that nature provides everything you need to sustain you.  Most importantly be grateful for friends and family.  The list goes on.     

Gratitude can be hard at times especially when you try to be grateful for discomfort or pain that teach you lessons.  It’s not “why is this happening to me?” it’s “what is this teaching me?”.  Being grateful is a mindset to be used to but once you are you begin to see life in a different way.

 Remove Expectation From Your Life 

If you expect something to happen and it doesn’t, you feel disappointed.  Disappointment is an egoic sensation that can take you away from your inner self.  For example, sometimes I feel myself being annoyed by loud, noisy people.  I sometimes hear them through an open window when I’m at home.  This annoyance comes from my expectation that all people should be quiet when I want it to be quiet.  I have to accept that not everyone is quiet when I want it, that’s life.  It has taken me a while to catch myself becoming annoyed by the noise. After that though I recognised that it is just an emotion and I let it go away just as quickly as it came.  

 Change Your Diet

Eat cleanly.  Remove the toxins from your body and eat Vegan preferably.  There is a lot of violence and suffering involved in meat and dairy consumption and this is passed on to you.  Coming to the realisations of animal suffering caused by humans can be one of your biggest lessons.  Your spiritual path and your connection to your soul won’t ever align unless you mitigate the suffering your cause to others. This includes the non-human animals we share our home with.  To connect to your soul, eat soul food! 

– The Meaning Of Life Is To Create Our Own Meaning!

Bare with me on this one.  If we assume for a moment that life has no inherent meaning then it can be up to us to create one.  After all, who says that there is a single meaning for us all?  Meaning can be anything that we apply to our years on this plane if existence.  

Spirituality is the process of consciousness, the observation of life, and this is indeed life’s meaning.  Therefore maybe life is open to any meaning you want to give it?  Life is so vast with a multitude of experiences and lessons you can learn.  There can be meaning to all of it.  

Above all remember to become your own conscious being and focus on being the best version of yourself.  Let others walk their own path and find their own meaning.  Your spiritual ego can be left at the door when finding meaning.

– Change Who You Hang Around With

Firstly if those around you aren’t on the spiritual path it can make connecting to your own soul difficult.  Having someone to talk to about your experiences, lessons and highs and lows can be great for finding your way on your path.  Not so much if the people around you think you’re a nutcase. 

Secondly it is ok to be influenced by those around us, sometimes we can’t help it.  Connecting to your soul will be about opening up and being vulnerable.  When you find your soul family who you can do this with, you’ll know it.  Don’t let them go, because likewise, they will need you too! 


Everything we have said  about how to connect to your soul we can sum up fairly simply.  Take the time to know yourself and rid yourself of what does not serve you.  This might be types of people, foods, expectations or thoughts you have.   In summary, the fire of your spirituality will burn away lots of things, but nothing that isn’t you, the soul (Mooji). 

Realiser is born so others can be in a realised state, a state of awaken.  To be able to see the most obvious things having missed them for so many years.  Subsequently I want to create something to serve as an example of how it could be.  If only we might spend the time loving that we spend hating.  You get the idea.  I hope you enjoyed the blog on ‘How To Connect With Your Soul?’.   Follow my path here…