By Ben.

Good news!  You’re already on it.  If you’ve taken the time to research how to make a start on your spiritual journey, the truth is you have already started and not realised. 

Spiritual realisations and exploration start long before it registers with the mind.  Only when we are some way down the road and look back we think “oh yeah, that might have been the day it began for me”.  

We call it a ‘path’ or a ‘journey’ like we are on our way somewhere other than where we are.  What we seek is within us, it always has been.  We don’t actually travel anywhere to find spirituality however taking the time to accept your true self is crucial to discovery. 

wooded spiritual path with trees

 Accept You’re On A New Path

If there is one piece of advice I will give you above all else it is to fully come to terms with your new path.  Fully explore the question of “Who Am I?” and spend time understanding the new you.

“If you don’t spend time to truly understand yourself, other people will tell you who you are and you will believe them” – Unknown

Your spiritual journey has shown itself to you and ignoring it will only leave you a) wondering what could have been and b) still with the pain that has brought you this far.  Pain is very often the catalyst behind the search for spiritual healing.  Be accepting of a spiritual life; recognise that you are not your thoughts, that you are beyond your culture, that you are not what others tell you you are. 

To do this takes time and patience.  There is so much ego and clutter from the mind in the way that it makes sense to give yourself plenty of time to see clearly.  Likewise, focus of starting afresh with your understanding of almost everything, including love.  Be accepting you are now a blank slate. 

 Read And Research

The internet is your friend.  Google teachers and Guru’s such as Ram Dass, Mooji, Sri Ramana Maharshi and other enlightened beings.  Read spiritual texts, listen to lectures, immerse yourself in it.  The good thing about spirituality is that it covers every aspect of your life so you will always be able to relate to it regardless of the subject you’re researching.

There are many teachers out there, some obvious, some not so obvious.  For example, I consider some close friends to be spiritual teachers because they have been on their journey longer than me and have experienced more.  I consider plant medicines teachers.  I consider some musicians who play heart songs as teachers, like Sam Garrett.  When you make yourself a blank slate lessons come from almost anywhere.  

 Spend Time With Like Minded Souls

Soul family, as I call them.  And by them I mean anyone who has had their spiritual awakening and is on their journey.  Age, gender, race, disability, none of these are any indication of spirituality.  Having met people from all walks of life and learned something from all of them I can say this for sure. 

I can’t stress enough how spending time with people who think spiritually will influence your own journey.  I didn’t have anyone I could talk to about spiritual visions I had had during meditation, or a sense of peace I felt during Kirtan.  Once I did and they understood what I was talking about it was a breath of fresh air.  My other friends would have just thought I was crazy I think. 

If like me you didn’t have any spiritual friends at the start of your journey, take a leap of faith.  For me, I saw a cacao ceremony on Instagram and bought a ticket and went on my own.  It changed my life and I still have friends from that day because everyone was so accepting.  Trust me, take a leap of faith. 

 Lose Yourself

“You have to lose yourself to find yourself”.  As time goes by you will understand this more and more.

When exploring the difference between the ego and the soul lose yourself in what could be.  Open your heart up to even the most outlandish of feelings, they will lead you home to yourself. 

Embrace some kind of meditative practice, there are plenty of disciplines to chose from.  Pick the one that resonates with you the most.  Quieting the mind and the world around you and losing yourself within is a great way to further your journey.  Meditation, given time, leads us to a place within and from where we see the world and our ego-self.  Furthermore, we recognise we are not those things.  

– Plant Medicines

Your journey is going to probably involve some healing, in fact almost definitely!  Plant medicines help us with this.  I personally have found that ceremonial Cacao is my medicine, I connect to it well.  Alternatively there are some medicines I just don’t gel with well, such as cannabis.   There are many plant medicines out there and finding yours can be a key part on your jounrney.

One of my first ever blogs was about a Kirtan the Cacao Ceremony I mentioned earlier.  I went not long after I first moved to London. I knew almost straight away that Cacao was my friend on this spiritual journey that I had begun.

– Keep An Open Mind And Open Heart

Your biggest revelation may be that you are not your mind, nor your body.  Your connection to the ‘true self’ comes from heart connection.  Keeping an open mind will aid this connection and, importantly, let you put aside any preconceived ideas about yourself and existence you already have.  

Don’t have any expectation for your spiritual journey.  Don’t plan on being in a certain place at a certain time, similarly don’t rush to feel ‘at one’ or whatever.  Do your spiritual practice because you do your spiritual practice – this will all make perfect sense the more you open your heart. 


Realiser is born so others can be in a realised state, a state of awaken.  To be able to see the most obvious things having missed them for so many years.  Subsequently I want to create something to serve as an example of how it could be.  If only we might spend the time loving that we spend hating.  You get the idea.  I hope you enjoyed the blog on ‘How to make a start on a spiritual journey’.   Follow my path here…