Exploring London’s spiritual people and the places is a passion.  London has one of the worlds most amazing spiritual communities. 

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Here are the latest blogs about Spiritual London to have a read through…

10 Great Instagram Pages About London in 2020

By BenHere are 10 great Instagram pages about London in 2020 to follow for inspiration!  (All photo rights to their respective owners).  Let me know what you think!  After that let me know about any others you think deserve an honourable mention in the comments...

How To Find Spiritual People In London

How to find spiritual people in London was a tricky one for me when I first arrived.  I imagine it’s the same for someone who… 

Visiting Greenpeace UK HQ

I have been fortunate enough to visit the Greenpeace UK HQ in London this week. Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect other than some really.