I had never been to a Summer Solstice before, the celebration of the longest day, the most hours of sunlight in any one day in our calendar, Saturday 20th June 2019, the earth is on it’s maximum tilt towards the sun.  I didn’t attend for any of those reasons, I wasn’t there for a tan, or the science behind it, I wanted to be part of something spiritual, around people who felt that way, and feel the vibes that it gave me.  So along I went to to Queens Wood to meet my friend John and experience it with him, John has been to one before and I was keen to go with someone else as it was my first time.

 The deepest parts of Queens Wood are definitely beautiful, in the middle of London but you would have no idea once you’re there, you can’t even hear the traffic noise or the hum of London life which is usually unescapable.  I was surrounded by good souls who I sang mantras with, medicine songs and Kirtan, we held hands at the end formed our circle and those who wanted to entered the circle and lay down. I haven’t felt the need yet to feel the healing that can come from this but next time I will give it a go.  This all sounds like the most hippie thing you have ever heard of, right? If that’s the case you are reading this with pre-defined ideas from your life and experiences, you must let these all go. 

That was one of my biggest achievement, just letting go of what I thought I knew about it, thankfully I’ve never really cared what other people think. Awareness is all, realisation is all we need, the realisation that we view the world via our senses, senses that are limited, and beyond that is a spiritual understanding of the universe.  Our eyes don’t see even infra-red light, our dogs’ noses smell things we cannot hope too, out ears only hear a very limited frequency.  We must realise that outside these senses is an understanding we do not have, and once we have realised this then we open ourselves up to a world of new possibilities.  This is not easy, this takes time, commitment, to break you programming.  

“Would you like to help Realiser?”

Experiencing moments like these, whatever form it may take, if you are willing, if you are ready, will open your mind to a peaceful existence.