I have been fortunate enough to be visiting Greenpeace UK HQ in London this week.  Going in I wasn’t sure what to expect other than some really dedicated and passionate people, first of all I wasn’t disappointed.  There is a lot of talk and press around Extinction Rebellion at the moment and you could almost be forgiven for not remembering that Greenpeace have been around a damn sight longer.  Originally founded in Canada in 1971 the UK arm has been going strong since not long after then. Some of this group of dedicated, driven and passionate people have been around since before I was born.

I have worked in office buildings before but nothing like this one.  There are lots of natural materials used in everything down to the wood the reception desk is made from.  The dress code is whatever your style is and the organisational objective is saving the planet.  The corporate world has a lot to learn from here in my opinion, and obviously in general.  You will see many offices and places of work displaying their most noteworthy awards, here they are just hanging around on the side in reception.  You don’t work for Greenpeace for the awards.  Again, companies take note.  

Spiritually Speaking

Spiritually speaking to have my work life goals falling inline with my conscience is a huge weight off my shoulders.  Working for the passion rather than the money is where all working practises must go and here they are in the right place.  If money is the metric by which you measure success, you will never have enough.  How you help people will be all the success you need.  Looking around the office when visiting Greenpeace UK HQ you see the faces of those that have risked their liberty (and in many cases lost it for a time), safety and security, life.  They may be beavering away, phones may be ringing, meetings may be being held, but this is not a normal office.  I ask myself the question “do you have to have had an awakening to work in the place like this?” and I am clear on the answer.  Yes.   

“Does it take a spiritual awakening to work when the driving force isn’t money?”

Why Are They Based In London?

Why Greenpeace are based in London prompts the same answer as is the case for many other businesses, expect one.  Lobbying Parliament is a full time job, Parliament is based in London.  The worlds press has it’s eye on Westminster, also in London.  To make change it is important to be in the heart of where change can happen.  In contrast many other businesses base themselves in the capital for economic reasons, and Greenpeace I’m sure do have some of these, but above all the are there for have the greatest chance to make change.

The door to change .

What Is It Like?

Well, it’s a bit like the resistance base in Star Wars.  That makes societal brainwashing the Empire I suppose.  Normally a conviction or rap sheet would land you in hot water with your employer, here it is an occupational hazard.  My spirituality tells me that there is a moral obligation to challenge unjust laws, break them is required.  The people here know it, they live it, they strive for change.  I will always be the change I want to see in the world and I feel that here also, in buckets.  It is hard to put my finger on exactly what that feeling is, it’s a vibe which is hard to describe.  I have felt the feeling previously during Kirtan, being in a room with people who are like you, so to feel it here too makes me happy.  


“Your own path is exactly that, your own interpretation of the teachings”

In Summary

Visiting Greenpeace UK HQ was largely what I expected in the sense that the people there see the wider picture, they see the damage that the way we live is doing to the planet.  The hardest job they have isn’t proving that they are right, I feel that is a given.  The hardest part is motivating enough people to make the change.  You should always be the change the want to see in the world and so if you want nature to thrive, pollution to stop, animals to roam, be it.  You will feel at peace with the fact your actions are aligned with your consciousness. 


“For the ones who know, and the ones who never dare to try – My brother, don’t be afraid, death is not the ending to life” – Sam Garrett

Realiser was born from a dream to be in a realised state, a state of awaken.  To be able to see the most obvious things having missed them for so many years.  Subsequently I wanted to create something to serve as an example of how it could be.  If only we might spend the time loving that we spend hating.  Above all spending the time to be kind to others for no reason.  You get the idea.  I will travel around doing what I can and would love for you to join me.  Follow my path here…