By Ben.

Have you ever noticed how ‘spiritual people’ have a certain look in the clothes they wear?  Spiritual clothes isn’t a category you will find on most fashion websites, but it certainly seems to be a thing. 

I speak from personal experience here too.  I have certainly changed the way I dress since being on the spiritual path.  The latest outfit or trend holds no interest for me now.  New clothes can be a representation of shedding the old you and embracing the new.  Likewise it may mean that you have left your previous job which dictated your wardrobe.  Office wear is out, Harem pants are in!  You get the idea. 

You may have heard some common truths like ‘You are not the job you do, or the clothes you wear.  Or ‘You are not the car you drive or the amount of money you have‘.  These mantras are all correct and people will often agree with you on this.  They also subconsciously have an impact on what you wear when embracing a new spiritual path.

woman in a field wearing spiritual clothes

 Rejecting Fashion

As you grow spiritually and make realisations about life, you may reject what you see as fickle money driven changes.  Fashion can be one of those.  Fashion is driven by the general opinion you are more or less ‘desirable’ or ‘trendy’ by what you wear.  Once you’ve moved on from what other people think of you, fashion becomes unimportant.    

You may find yourself moving in to more comfortable clothes, because you refuse to suffer in clothes for the sake of fashion.  This may not be a move from suits to robes all in one day, but you will definitely feel a shift.  Your new spiritual wardrobe will more than likely fill up with styles and designs that have been around for an hundreds of years.  Therefore, they never go in or out of fashion

 Spiritual or Hippie?

There is definitely a crossover with the clothing of spiritual folks and hippies.  Not all hippies are spiritual, and not all spiritual people are hippies.  But when it comes to clothes there are similarities.  Both sets of garments may be adorned with symbols and signs from deities and beliefs, a peace sign or phrase meaning something similar. 

“Peace and love, man”.  Both of these things are at the core of both ‘lifestyles’ and both often share of love of colour and expression.  Colourful clothes have been proven to brighten your mood and the mood of those around you.  Perhaps this is a subconscious part of spiritual growth, perhaps people just love colour.  

It is important to remember that spiritual clothes don’t form part of any particular sub-set of people.  There is no definition of spiritual clothes and so if you think jeans are spiritual then, well, you’re right! 


Let’s include jewellery and accessories in this also.  Often one of the first pieces of clothing that someone will change or add will be a necklace or pendant.  I myself have a Labradorite stone around my neck from my first ever plant medicine ceremony.  Not because I think it has super powers but because it serves as a reminder of my path.  It reminds me of where I came from compared to where I am now. 

The energies of crystals and the Chakras mean people will often wear them around their necks or on bracelets.  The Chakra system is a good example of a spiritual practice spilling over on to what people wear and influencing what are perceived as spiritual clothes.

 Money Matters

The latest designer clothes can often cost a lot of money.  When you confirm the realisation that money will never make you happy you tend to have less of it, and by the same token be happier.  There aren’t many millionaire hippies floating around you will notice.

With less money comes the inability to buy the latest branded and ‘trendy’ clothes.  Not that you want to anyway.  Caring and spiritually aware people also tend to repair their clothes, rather than throw away and buy new again, in my experience.  There is an environmental aspect to this which it has to be said isn’t just limited to the spiritually aware.  

– Spiritual Ego

Wanting to look a certain way to show people how spiritual you are comes under this heading.  It is a trap that many fall in to along the way.  I am guilty of it myself. 

I wanted to feel ‘awakened’ and aligned with other spiritual people that I had seen dress in a particular way.  Therefore I thought that dressing in white and wearing Mala beads would help me do this.  Then I realised I had developed myself a spiritual ego!  The important part there is that I realised it.  I was creating my own ego-centred version of spirituality.  This happens more than many admit and it does reinforce the spiritual clothing remit. 

In conclusion remember to become your own conscious being and focus on being the best version of yourself.  Let others walk their own path and find their own meaning.  Your spiritual ego can be left at the door when finding meaning and picking your style.


When on a spiritual path the change in you will be more than clothing deep.  That said, in expressing your new found view on life you may find yourself shaking free the old clothes and embracing the new.  Just watch out for that spiritual ego effecting the way you dress!  Spiritual clothes can represent you, your faith, your journey or be a symbol of something greater.  I hope you enjoyed the blog on ‘What Are Spiritual Clothes?’.  Leave a comment about your experiences!  Follow my path here…