By Ben.

‘Dual’ means ‘two’, that much you probably already know.  Duality, spiritually speaking, is the two sides in all things.  Including us.

The self, and by that I mean the ego self, is predominately what people think to be the real them.  Duality is the belief that there is an ego self, but also a deeper, more loving self.  The internal witness.  The self that is aware of the thoughts you have rather than being the thoughts themselves.

Spiritual duality is recognising that the dark and the light and all part of ‘the one’.  That we are indeed all one, and everything thing in this life ends with death but it is just all part of the one existence.  Life and death, masculine and feminine, day and night, hot and cold, all just cycles of the one existence. 

Happiness and sadness at first glance may seem to be opposites, but they are simply just ranges on the one scale of emotion.  Duality is about accepting the differences and the opposites as part of life.  The one life experienced by the two selves, the ego self and the true self. 

There are two sides to the coin, but only one coin.

Old Saying

Definition of ‘duality’

The Collins Dictionary defines it like this;


This does largely  fit in with the duality of spirituality but dictionary definitions rarely take in to account a spiritual point of view.  I include it for reference only really. 


Realiser was born from a dream to be in a realised state, a state of awaken.  To be able to see the most obvious things having missed them for so many years.  Subsequently I wanted to create something to serve as an example of how it could be.  If only we might spend the time loving that we spend hating.  Above all spending the time to be kind to others for no reason.  You get the idea.  I hope you enjoyed the blog on ‘is it ok to earn money from spirituality’.  I will travel around doing what I can and would love for you to join me.  Follow my path here…